Marine Batteries

Powerful, Smart and Efficient 

IP68 Power Terminal
CAN and RS485 connectivity
Smart Battery management display
Ultra light waterproof handmade fiberglass case

Helios Marine produces marine-grade IP68 LiFePo4 batteries using only top tier cells and smart BMS systems distinctively developed for the purpose of marine applications. Vigorous and thorough testing is our hallmark with every single one of our components. All of this with practicality, performance and sustainability in mind at the heart of the process.

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Our Advantages


We are firm believers that the chemistry in today’s LiFePo4 battery packs, generally intended to be used for Solar Storage, is the way forward for the marine industry. Being one of the safest battery technologies available today, it showcases perfect charge and discharge properties. A concern for reaching high temperature is highly unlikely as stability of the voltage is attained regardless of the SOC of the pack.


Our JAM (Just Add Module) plug-and-play allows you to expand the capacity and/or voltage so you have the flexibility to create and fit for your needs. Even more than that, our state-of-the-art software lets you configure your batteries bringing you the option for a bespoke solution.

Energy Density

We’ve seen LiFePo4 overcome a previous obstacle as well – the small energy density compared to other options which discarded the use of it for E-mobility. The density of the LiFePo4 today is already on par with other types of Li-Ion batteries keeping the advantages that give it edge – Safety and really SOL. A solid testimony being that the biggest automotive companies have started to integrate the strategy and create their EVs with LiFePo4.

Voltage Capacity Specs Price
12v 2.8 kWh 206Ah, LiFePo4,IP65,1C , bluetooth, 21kg €1,260
12v 3.8 kWh 280Ah, LiFePo4,IP65, 1C, Bluetooth, 27kg €1,690
48v 7.5 kWh 150Ah, LiFePo4,IP65, 1C, Bluetooth,CAN, RS-485, Marine App, 67kg €3,320
48v 10.5 kWh 206Ah, LiFePo4, IP65, 1C, Bluetooth,CAN, RS-485, marine app, 83kg €4,900
48v 14.2 kWh 280Ah, LiFePo4,IP65,1C, Bluetooth,CAN, RS-485, Мarine app, 92kg €5,680
48v 13 kWh 236Ah, NMC, IP65, 1.5C, Бluetooth, Мarine app, 73kg. *second live EV €4,600
96v 23.3 kWh 236Ah, NMC,IP65,1.5C, bluetooth, marine app, 118kg. *second live EV €9,730
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