Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric boat compare to a gas boat?

Electric boats are environmentally friendly, more reliable, cheaper to operate and maintain, and dramatically better integrated digitally than conventional vessels. They allow you to enjoy the waters without the release of harmful emissions and other pollutants.

When can I get a Helios?

Helios boats are made to order. You can inquire about yours here

Where are the Helios boats made?

Helios boats are designed and made in the EU. Our batteries are assembled in the EU (using Tier 1 Chinese cells). Our motors are designed and manufactured in the EU.

How can I charge a Helios boat?

Helios boats with solar panels charge automatically when the sun is available. All boats also include an industry-standard charging port (CCS1), allowing you to charge in all marinas and docks with electricity.

How long does a Helios boat take to charge?

It varies from boat to boat, and it depends on charging infrastructure. The 240V available in most marinas will charge our boats overnight in most cases.

Are Helios boats safe given that electricity and water don't mix well?

All our boats are using a “safe-to-touch” 48dc electrical architecture. Our battery packs and electrical systems are watertight, heavily reinforced and constantly monitored.

How does maintenance compare to conventional boats?

Other than standard cleaning and anti-fouling, Helios boats are practically maintenance-free.