Helios Omega (6.5m)

Starting at €50,000

2x Leather Sunbeds
Our own modular smart marine LifePo4 Battery packs at 48 or 96v capacity from 30 to 72 kWh
Powerful 50kw electric propulsion motor
Dedicated smart infotainment system display with marine maps, voice commands and the Helios app
Modular lounge area for 6. Convertible to sunbed.
Ultra light flexible marine solar panels (optional)

The smart solar electric day cruiser.

The Helios Omega 6.5m is an open boat powered by a unique, safe-to-touch 48dc 50kw electric motor. The German engineered and made motor can reach 80kw peak output and is first of its kind.

Ultimate Performance

We designed the Omega to be very light and agile in order so that it stands equal and even outperforms conventional boats in the same class. The heart of the boat is our state-of-the-art smart marine LFP battery pack with 85 kWh.

Smart & Efficient

Added to this is our cloud-based IoT energy management system, the best marine solar panels, minimalist multi-function smart tablet running our own app et voilà, you have something that could give you freedom in its own way.