Who We Are

Helios Marine was founded by Drago Enchev, an avid yachtsman with significant experience in the marine and automotive sectors, and Dimitar Enchev, an entrepreneur and investor in the energy transition space with over €3billion of successfully delivered projects in cleantech, renewable energy, battery storage, and green hydrogen. The company is backed by PostScriptum Ventures, a leading investment firm focused on the energy transition.

“Sustainable progress is the only kind of progress”

Dimitar EnchevCo-founder
Co-founder & Director

Dragomir Enchev

Drago is an avid yachtsman with sound experience in the marine and automotive sector. It all started in the merchant navy, where his a passion for the sea that had been cultivated since childhood grew stronger. Things progressed naturally as he successfully co-founded an automotive & equipment rental company that had among its clients some of the largest engineering and construction companies in Europe. The driving force behind it all has been the zeal for automation, IOT and e-mobility in the last 10 years leading up to cofounding of Helios.

Dimitar Enchev

Dimitar is an entrepreneur & investment manager with over 15 years of extensive experience in the energy transition space. He has in-depth knowledge of renewable energy, and has been responsible for the development and realization of a number of large-scale projects and venture capital investments in wind, solar, biomass, battery storage, green hydrogen, etc. 

Dimitar graduated from Swarthmore College (USA) and the London School of Economics.